Studio Raketa

We create slick websites and applications with Ruby on Rails and WordPress.


Our Work


Visual identity, website, and internal partners portal.

Finconsult 2000

Visual identity, website, and document management application.

Rally 13

Visual identity, website, and online reservation system.


Visual identity and website.


Visual identity and website.

Panta Design

Visual identity and website.


Ruby on Rails

From the prototype to the end product we apply agile and iterative development techniques using Ruby on Rails, a robust framework used by companies such as GitHub, Twitter, Shopify, and many more. We are all about making solid, maintainable code through documentation and automated tests.


WordPress is one of the best solutions out there for presentational websites. It’s easy to integrate, it’s affordable, and last but not least it has the support of a huge community. Using WordPress allows us to be flexible and design custom themes for our clients, always with attention to details.

How we work

The Team

Studio Raketa is a distributed company. We are designers, developers, and project managers who collaborate in project-based teams. Being a remote company allows us to be more focused and inspired as opposed to most of the 9-to-5 places. Our core values are independence, self-management, and the constant drive to improve.

The Process

Our mission is to help our clients improve their online presence. In order to achieve this we involve the customer from the very beginning. We start with gathering the basic requirements. This allows us to determine the most suitable technology and narrow down the scope of the task. The next step is creating prototypes. They act as the blueprints for the project design. Once all the specifications are in place, we work closely with the client from the designs, through the software challenges, constantly building, iterating, and improving the product.