Our process

Although each project is a unique journey, we've managed to distill the following four milestones. We use our diverse experience and csutom-built tools to help you launch the best possible version of your product, that's prepared for change and growth.


We start every project with a research phase. Together we define the main goals and the metrics, that will support the long term success of your project.

Deliverable: We prepare a document that outlines the best interactive practices in your industry information architecture and ways to stand out from the competition.


At Studio Raketa we are big believers in the atomic approach for web design.

We deliver complete design systems, with typography, responsive grid, corporate color palette and styles for all the design elements to be used for interactive content.

This sets the fundamentals for a consistent online brand identity and serves as the basis for quicker content iterations. It also saves you time and money, thanks to the ease of creating completely new visual elements and pages.

Deliverable: Design and rich documentation in the form of an online brand book.


Based on the research and design, we choose the best technology for the task at hand.

Throughout the development stage we provide you with access to the live project environment – we iterate, discuss and perfect the final solution.

Deliverable: The interactive website or web applicaiton.

Support and growth

After we complete the project we can support you with VPS hosting, updating the software and infrastructure and keeping the security in check.

The web is continuosly growing and evolving medium. During the development phase we provide you with tools to be prepared for the change.

Each quarter we follow up with you and discuss the analytics and exchange ideas on how to grow the project, reach new clients or improve internal processes.