Our products

The tools we’ve built over the past years help us support the full lifecycle of web development projects. If you need to start a project quickly and efficiently, relying on out-of-the-box solutions, let’s chat and we’ll advise you on the best possible suite of tools to get started with. If you want to pair these with custom development or consulting services, Raketa is the company to call.

Raketa CMS

Power your website with our hosted solution for storing and managing website content. Raketa CMS is a visual block editor that provides a diverse set of content management tools – from selecting different layouts for landing pages, to defining custom campaign funnels, thanks to our integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. While it provides stability, scalability, and security, this content management experience is so smooth, your employees will immediately fall in love with it.

Raketa Images

This is our in-house assets management platform which provides image optimization and CDN. Enjoy the ease and speed of image management, manipulation and delivery.

Raketa Forms

Nurturing your leads through the funnel is super important if you want to convert them into customers. Raketa Forms is a customizable lead generation tool which helps you automate lead generation and leads workflow.

Raketa Store

Headless ecommerce platform, that allows our clients to manage product inventories, customer orders and deliveries with the speed of light.