With more than 20 years of experience in developing software for startups, scaleups and large enterprises, we are in a solid position to share the road traveled with organizations who are just embarking on the journey to scale their digital experiences. There are tools and workflows that perform well in different cases and we are fully equipped to support you with UX, research, functional specifications, project and product management, as well as hiring and training.

How we can help?

Picking the Best Approach

Launching an MVP quickly and efficiently is one of the most important milestones when initiating an internal project. Once this is done, the whole organization is able to maneuver better towards the desired goal. We help companies keep their focus when building their products, offering a suitable approach (and reasonable compromises when needed).

Setting up Projects

Slicing and dicing software projects is hard. We’ve done this many times and have experience in managing risks and sequencing milestones. We can help you create the most optimal project setup that is realistic and ambitious at the same time.

Building a Team

Many companies start out by creating an initial delivery with an external partner but they require having an in-house team to support all existing workflows who can gradually become the single source of updates, new features and support. We can support you with hiring, setting up teams, and training, as well as embedding best practices and processes in newly built teams.