Modern marketing needs to respond extremely fast to changing consumer behavior in digital environments and Raketa’s team is prepared to support your growth to mobile by creating easy-to-use, elegant and maintainable user experiences.

Our whole development process revolves around crafting mobile-first experiences and scalable backend solutions for mobile applications. We translate the systematic approach we pioneered for web into mobile projects as well. Our team is obsessed with perfecting the process of creating clear UX scenarios that work on all platforms/screen sizes. This “meta” thinking allows us to be really successful across the board when it comes to adapting your projects to the ever changing and evolving technical environments and consumer behaviors.

What we do?

Progressive Web Applications

The beauty of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is in their ability to reach anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase. Since 2018 all our web projects are also installable PWAs, our platform and tools support this functionality out of the box.

Responsive Web Design

Our process is mobile-first, we create adaptive designs that scale from phone to 4k screens. Your pages load fast and look amazing on all devices!

React Native

We built upon our vast experience with React and integrated React Native under our belt. Our team can build native iOS/Android applications with and React Native.