Design Systems

Our Design System approach allows us to build a unified system around the brand’s visual language. When designing a web or a mobile environment, this is usually the first stage of a project.

This is the moment we sit down with the client and deconstruct their brand book or style guide to make sure these are reflected in all future digital assets. Our design process is very practical – we start with research and sketches and integrating the brand assets. Then we create interactive wireframes and prototypes. Once these are approved, the whole design system is implemented and deployed within the CMS.

Clients immediately see the value of having automated consistency at their fingertips. No matter who is assigned to maintain the future website, they’ll never need to worry that they’ve not followed the company’s guidelines related to colors, font types & sizes, shapes and indentation. This makes all systems we design super scalable and easy-to-use.

Why use a design system?


The brand’s recognizable visual presence is embedded in all aspects of the system we are designing - from the big picture principles to the smallest details.


We use a systematic approach, thanks to which we are able to limit the number of edge cases. Existing design work can be reused or built upon.


We help our customers build a common vocabulary by naming visuals and marketing/content patterns

Speed and practicality

We do quick iterations and we keep the project cycle short.