Custom Development

Even if you use the best out-of-the-box solutions, custom development is always a must when it comes to fine tuning and personalizing your toolkit to meet the specific needs of your business. As your design and development partner, we can create custom tools and applications to help you scale your web presence. Our developers specialize in Elixir, React, GraphQL and Ruby on Rails development and Google Cloud integration.

Our tools of trade

Ruby on Rails

When it comes to rapid prototyping, Raketa is the right team and Ruby on Rails is the right platform. We always recommend Ruby on Rails when we need to build a quick MVP for a client and have to perform fast iterations and idea validation. Our setup is based on the standard Rails Way. Our team is a true thought leader in this space; we help the knowledge base grow and enable the community to build valuable connections by organizing our very own conference.


Raketa’s team fully embraces React for more holistic implementations and we are proud to be continuously building our expertise with this technology which allows us to blur the lines between design and development. With its simplified UI, the ability for maximum code reuse, and its strong performance in mobile environments, we’ve chosen React as the backbone of our tools like the CMS. Over the past five years, we’ve completed projects of all kinds and sizes, and we’ve gained experience with React-based native and desktop applications.We also support React’s vast developer community by managing a couple of open source projects.


Raketa is one of the first companies in Bulgaria to fully adopt Elixir, contributing to open source projects and to the growth of the developer community. Sitting on top of Ericsson’s Erlang, Elixir is a great language and platform, allowing millions of simultaneous connections and a very resilient development cycle. We believe in working with this platform because it offers great scalability and reliability and it can be a long-term cost effective solution due to the savings it generates in infrastructure and ongoing support.

Google Cloud

With vast experience and knowledge of the Google platform and APIs, our team can help companies move to the cloud, save server costs, and implement ready-made solutions from Google. GCP is also our very own choice when it comes to implementing and hosting the tools we’ve developed in-house.